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Chasing Zoie through First Grade ~ The First Day

Holy smokes… we’re two weeks into school already!

Zoie started first grade!

I always say that I can’t believe this time is already here… but seriously!
How is it time for FIRST GRADE?!?!

I swear she was just a baby although my time hop reminds me every morning that she is not and it’s been a while since she was.

Just two short years ago we started Pre-K with a bright pink cast, then Kindergarten last year was an amazing year of learning.
I wonder what your journey will look like this year.

Growing up SO fast!

Also; where the heck did the summer go?
Was it the fastest summer on record for anyone else?

In true mom fashion, I took about a billion pics before sending her off this morning.

Enjoy the year my darling girl!

Go and Learn!


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