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14 Weeks

According to Planning Family I am at week 14. I like that week. It means this time is flying by.

How far along: 14 Weeks … I have 188 days to go before we get to meet our little munchkin. It seems like so much father away when you look at it in days.  So I have 26 weeks to go… almost half way there.

Baby’s Development/Size: The baby is now about the size of a lemon. I think it’s funny to measure it in relation to fruit 🙂 Ryleigh thinks that’s about the size of a hamster, and that is a little freaky so we’ll go with lemon. It is weighing in at about 1 1/2 ounces. I can’t believe how much it has grown in the last weeks. 
The baby is also busy making facial expressions by week 14. It can squint his eyes, and its lips can turn into a frown. Its neck has grown longer and the chin starts to take shape. The kidneys can produce urine and the liver has begun to produce bile. The spleen has even begun to help in the production of red blood cells. It’s a growing machine in there.
Movement: Still nothing 🙁 a few more weeks to go yet.
Changes in Me: I have gained a little bit more weight. I hate using numbers… When I started with the whole procedure it took us to get pregnant, I weighed about 155. Which for my height of 5’8″ is not so bad. By the time I got pregnant I was about 165, I blame the birth control (long story that I’ll share later). At my appointment last week I was at 174 (the heaviest I have ever been). I am only counting the 10 pounds from conception. The rest can suck it!

I am not so tired anymore and am starting to get some of my energy back. I haven’t fallen asleep at work in a couple weeks and that is good. I feel like I have more energy to get things done around the house and I like that.

Cravings: Sonic Slushes. Orange Sonic Slushes.  And let me just say that Sonic is NOT close to my house. But I manage to go by there on my way home from work… Funny. I can’t get enough of these things… I love them. And they have to be the Sonic ones. 7-Eleven Slurpees are just not the same thing.
What I miss: I miss a Med/Rare steak. I know that sounds weird, but I am a protein girl. Last fall we bought a half a beef cow and most of the steaks are still in our freezer (I went through the roasts and other crock-pot-able meats early). I’ve been told and have read that you should cook your meats fully. That is just not good to me. I was raised a rare-steak girl … bring me a steak still mooing and I’m a happy eater. But I can’t do that right now. So I am forced to eat a dry med/well steak (I know … I know … it’s supposed to be well-done). At this point I should just avoid steak all together because all the sauce I have to slather on it to get it down probably isn’t that good for me anyway. 🙁

What I am looking forward to:  Decorating the nursery… but first I need to find out the sex of the baby. I can’t wait for both of those things. I have so many good ideas and have been following lots of design blogs for the best ideas to start the nursery. As soon as the upstairs bedroom is cleaned out I am getting started… Hopefully in the next couple months, have to wait and see.

That’s all for today… More next week.

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    May 4, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    LOOOOVE the picture!!! You look so rediculously fit for a preggo momma!! Work it!!! Love your posts!!!! Seriously. If you’re ever in the Vegas and/or Utah area we should get together 😉

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