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2015 Spring Road Trip ~ Part II

It’s been almost exactly three years since our Spring Road Trip and I never did find the time to blog about it. I’ve written this post a dozen times and never hit complete… I have no clue why except that life got away from me and the years started adding up. We have visited so many amazing places in the last few years and I am going to spend the next few weeks sharing what and when I can. Trust me, I have so much to share!

I’m really trying to get this all down before I forget anything.
I want Zoie to look back at these times, since she was so young, she’s already starting to forget. 🙁
Or better late than never.

So here it is, Part II of our 2015 Spring Road Trip.

After our visit with friends in St. George (that you can read about HERE) I decided that I think I wanna live there!! Clearly, that hasn’t happened yet… but a girl can dream, right?!?

We left St George with teary goodbyes and a day’s worth of Swig treats and headed west, toward Las Vegas and The Hoover Dam.


We didn’t stop in Vegas, we just passed on through…
no matter how badly I wanted to stop at the outlet mall, Zach wasn’t feeling it and we still had a long way to go that day.

Our next overnight was The Grand Canyon Village via Route 66 in Arizona…. another 4+ hours to go with a couple of stops to make along the way.

Our first stop was Hoover Dam.

I visited Hoover Dam when I was in middle school with my parents.
Back when I was a young teen;
when I knew everything about everything,
my parents were boring,
and I appreciated nothing.
You know that girl. I think we’ve all been that girl at some point in our lives.
I don’t miss that girl… and neither do my parents.

Visiting now, I was sure to take it all in and truly appreciate the beauty of it.
Most of my pics didn’t turn out great because the sun was SO bright that day (not that I complained), but I’ll share anyway, just forgive the quality.

PicMonkey Collage

Zoie Coin Machine

Hoover Family

We had a great visit, and I got about 12000 steps on my FitBit because we parked about two miles away. The best part was driving our ‘house’ across the dam! So funny, we barely fit in our lane… and we got a lot of strange looks. lol

Driving across dam

It was great to see everything that had changed in 15+ years and spend a beautiful afternoon with my family.

After leaving Hoover, we made our way towards Kingman, Arizona. A long, hot, and boring drive. Not a lot to see out there in the desert. And not a single place to stop and pee… which isn’t great when you’re forcing tons of water down your 3 year old so she doesn’t get dehydrated in the heat. At least we had the trailer and could stop along the side of the highway when if we found pull-offs. Happy to report, no accidents!

When we finally arrived in Kingman, it was nearly dark and we were starving!! So we made yet another stop at The Cracker Barrel for a quick dinner then found an RV Park to settle in for the night. One of our coolest nights so far on the trip… We didn’t have to run the AC once.

Needless to say, we didn’t make it to the Grand Canyon on schedule… who needs a schedule anyway?

The next morning we headed off and jumped on Historic Route 66 to make our way to the Grand Canyon Village.

It was a beautiful drive, very nostalgic.
I tried to imagine what it was like when it was a busy highway with bustling little towns.

PicMonkey Collage

Wish I could have seen that.

We listened to Oldies Radio the whole drive and sang together to songs by the greats, like Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, and Billy Armstrong. So fun!


After our long morning drive, we made it to the Grand Canyon Village where we explored the visitors centers,
climbed the side of cliffs,
walked lots of trails,
and Zoie introduced herself to every single dog she saw along the way.

Finally, we ended the day with an amazing steak dinner in the cutest little western themed restaurant around.
(It may or may not be there anymore, I couldn’t find it online.)
But I do remember they had GOOD ice cream.

Then next morning we headed out early to the airport where we caught a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon! It was beautifully breathtaking.
And our pilot happened to be from the same small town that we are from, so that was a fun coincidence.

Didn’t take long for the whir of the propeller to put this cutie to sleep.

After a long couple of days of exploring and hiking and flying, we made our way back south toward Flagstaff to meet up with my mama.
I bet you can’t wait to find out what happened next… 😉

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      I know right…all of our kids are getting way too big.

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