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2017 ~ A Bucket List


2017 Bucket List

Do you guys remember when I posted my goals or my Bucket List for 2016?? I barely remember last week let alone last January, but I did it! I had some great goals for the year…. but I barely made it through half of them.

Here was my Bucket List for 2016:

  1. Date My Husband. At least 25 dates on the books!
  2. Go on AT LEAST 2 weekend dates with my husband and no kids!
  3. Three visits with my bestie! (Last year we got 2 visits, this year I’m aiming for 3… it can be done.)
  4. Put my toes in warm ocean water.
  5. Take Zoie swimming in the ocean.
  6. Go camping at the Oregon Coast.
  7. Find a new camping spot.
  8. Run/Walk a 5K or longer race.
  9. Use my camera more.
  10. Take a class to learn more about my camera and/or Photoshop.
  11. Be more consistent with my blog posts. At least two a week.
  12. Post more about travel.
  13. Do more crafts and DIY projects.
  14. Increase my Facebook and Instagram followers.
  15. Be happy in my skin.
  16. Read 10 books.
  17. Visit 4 new states.
  18. Weekend trip with the girls.

See that? You see that I only crossed 4 things off my list! So Sad! Heartbreaking!!

This year… even though I’ve waited until February to share my list, I am determined to get through it. And not only get through it, I am determined to write about it all. This is going to be a busy place over the next 11 months. Just you wait.

Bucket List Desk top


So, to get February off to a good start, here it is:

My 2017 Bucket List

  1. Date my Husband! (25+)
  2. Go on 2 weekend getaways with my husband!
  3. Visit my bestie in Utah.
  4. Increase my Facebook (341) and Instagram (1492) followers.
  5. Be HAPPY in my own skin.
  6. Read 10 books.
  7. Visit a new state.
  8. Weekend trip with the girls.
  9. Camping trip at the Oregon Coast.
  10. Find a new camping spot.
  11. Take pictures every day! Get my camera out more.
  12. Run/Walk a 5K+
  13. Take a class to learn more about my camera.
  14. Take an interior design class.
  15. Volunteer more at Zoie’s school.
  16. Dress up for Halloween.
  17. Increase my lifting ability.
  18. Learn Yoga.
  19. Make more mom friends.
  20. Hike 100+ Miles
  21. Walk Every Day!
  22. Seek out and find mural walls in our city for photo ops
  23. Be Local! Find local treasures to share.

I know, I know, it’s a big list.
But I know I can accomplish it this year!
I am determined.
I might even add more to it as the year goes on.
This is the year I finally break out of my shell.

So here is to a better me!
Here’s to breaking out of my comfort zone!
Here is to an amazing 2017!

Do you have a bucket list for 2017? I’d love to read all about it. Leave me a link in the comments.

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