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A (Late) Weekend Recap

This last weekend was so busy for me and my little family, that it didn’t even end until Monday night at 9!
We have ‘Weekends’ like that a lot around here.
Our weekend invovled, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, grocery shopping, making s’mores, and driving about 650 miles in two days. Needless to say, it was a crazy weekend and I was beat by the end.
Zoie had her first S’more! So Fun!!
Last summer she wasn’t quite old enough to enjoy one on her own. 
So this time, we went all out.
I usually buy the chocolate covered graham crackers instead of regular ones and chocolate bars. The chocolate melts so much easier and its much easier to bite into.
She LOVED them!
How can you NOT take a HUGE bite of marshmallow?!?!
Next time, I am definitely giving her one with a peanut butter cup!
It’s heaven in a graham cracker!
Yesterday should have been a day to rest and get caught up on a few other chores around the house, but of course, my husband made an appointment for my car to get aligned.  
So I was up again at the crack of dawn getting kids ready for school and Zoie ready for the day.
After dropping my car at the station,  Zoie and I walked a few blocks to Starbucks to enjoy a drink while we waited for Zach to pick us up.
After Zach picked us up, he had to run a few errands.
Zoie was super excited to see that one of his stops was across the street from a slide.
Zoie LOVES to slide.
So… Maybe today I’ll get those chores done…
Maybe not…


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    Kristine Foley
    May 23, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    Love that pic of you and Zach! Cute!! Weve never tried smores with Chocolate crackers! Genius!! Will def be trying it! Thanks 🙂

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