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A Roadtrip vs. An Airplane Ride

Someone asked me the other day,
why on earth we drive our fuel hog of a diesel truck,
while towing our 5th wheel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles for a road trip?

Isn’t it cheaper to fly to where you are going??

My answer:
Heck No!!

Have you flown anywhere recently??
Have you flown with a toddler that you are required to purchase a seat for? Only to have said toddler sit on your lap the entire flight, leaving said paid for seat empty?

Do you how much it costs to eat out with kids?
Kids who, on a normal day, would rather play with their food than actually eat it??

And don’t even get me started on the cost of hotels!!
The average hotel room, for a semi-nice hotel can range anywhere from $150-200 per night. {I’m talking in the big(ger) cities… not your average po-dunk town.}

Our roadtrip coming up is taking us to Phoenix.
Spring Break Pricing

Flying vs Driving
Average flight for a family of 4 from Spokane to Phoenix: $350 Per Person OR $1400 Total
{Plus taxes and fees of course. Source Priceline}
Approximate Cost of fuel to drive roughly 1400 miles: $800

Total Savings: $600

Hotels vs RV Camping
Average cost of a hotel in Phoenix area: $100+ per night
{Source: Trip Advisor}
Average Cost of an RV Park: $40 per night

Total Savings: $60+ per night or (12 days) $720

Eating ‘In’ vs Eating ‘Out’

Through meal planning and budgeting, I can feed my family for an average of $75 per week.

12 days would be approximately: $130
{I know for some that is a lot, but it’s what works for us.}
Eating out 3 meals a day, for 12 days: Approx $100 per day or $1200

Total Savings: $1070

If you have any tips for eating out with a family, for three meals a day, for a week or more; all while saving money, I am all for hearing those tips and tricks. I would love to know how you do it. Send me an email. Maybe we can collaborate 🙂

Average Savings {doing my own calculations and estimates} of Driving vs Flying:

When it comes down to it, even if I am incorrect in my calculations, being able to show my kids the country side and having the ability to stop whenever we want to see something interesting to see or fun to do,  is far more important to me than saving a few dollars.

Some of my best memories from growing up were made on road trips.

Life is all about experiencing everything we can.
And if I have to make my step-son pee in a Pepsi can, like my Dad did to my brothers {because he didn’t want to stop} then that’s the experience we are going to have!
If you would like to read about keeping your kiddo’s entertained while traveling, you can read my ideas HERE.

Happy Travels!

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  • Jess
    March 11, 2015 at 11:10 pm

    I always choose driving over flying because the fees and costs just really add up! I’m also really afraid of airplanes though! Great breakdown of the savings by the way!

    • ChasingZ
      March 12, 2015 at 2:53 am

      Thank you! We love traveling and if I can make it work, driving is the way to go for us. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂