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Baby Girl on the Beach & A Big Nerdy Mama

A year ago we took our annual camping trip to the beach while I was 6 months pregnant with Miss Zoie.
As always, it was a long drive there… about 8 hours! But so worth it once we arrived.

The first thing I did when we pulled up to the sand was take a pic of my baby belly so I could show Zoie where she was on her “1st” trip out there. I ended up with this:

Fort Stevens, Oregon 2011
This year, almost one year exactly later, it was still a long drive.. but I have an 8 month old little monkey that we took with us 🙂
So… When we first arrived, I took this: 
Fort Stevens, Oregon 2012
I know… I’m a HUGE dork! But WhatEvs!
Seriously Though… She LOVED playing in the sand!
And this Mama loved watching her experience it.
We also ventured back to a few places where we took some family photos last year. 
It’s not hard when you go camping in the same place every year. 
2011 ~ 2012
We missed having Ariana with us this year… but a teenagers gotta work if she wants the cash!
And are you seeing what I’m seeing???
Not only do we like the color grey… but look at that little teeny-bopper! Eek! Aged Much?!?

2011 ~ 2012
Are you seeing it??? How big of a nerd I am?? My family thinks so 🙂
The weather was SO MUCH BETTER last year! But at least we didn’t get rained on… except for that one morning… but we stayed snug in the trailer until it stopped. I wouldn’t want to melt or anything 🙂
I’m thinking we should visit a new place next year. Still on the Oregon Coast or maybe Northern California?
Any suggestions??

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