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Blanket Progress

Happy Sunday Morning!
We’ve had an uneventful weekend so far. Yesterday, I officially accomplished nothing productive. I cooked a few meals and crocheted a couple circles for my blanket.

It snowed again last night, so today I get to shovel. Can’t complain on that one though, that’s where toned arms come from!

Did you see I am making a blanket. I mentioned it here.
Thank you Pinterest!
Since we have nothing going on here today, I thought I’d share my progress.
I found this blanket on Pinterest via Three Beans in a Pod. Where she also has a link to the tutorial on the circles.
I love this blanket, it reminds me of my grandma. She had a blanket very similar to this on her couch.
I don’t have all the colors that she used, and the yarn I chose is much softer than hers. So… the circles I have   done are looking a little different than those she has pictured.
So far, I have 30 circles… which means I have 33 left to go. I think!
I’ll keep you posted.
I can’t leave without a little note about my peanut.
She ate meat!! 
I know this seems silly, but this kid has refused to eat meat until now. In fact, she would take a bite of something and somehow eat everything around the meat and then spit the meat right out. Ugh!
I don’t even know for sure if the stuff in the middle of a Chef Boyarde Ravioli is really considered meat.
But she ate it!! Seriously  people, beggars can’t be choosers!
Now go link up with Kristine for Sunday Funday!


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