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Christmas Eve Memories

When I was a kid, every year on Christmas Eve we would go to the North Pole and visit Santa.
We always waited until Christmas Eve.
Waiting was important to my parents and we learned to love the anticipation.
So on Christmas Eve we would all pile into the car and drive to Deer Park. There in the woods, on Antler Road was a beautiful set up of Santa’s Village. Entering the driveway was like driving through the North Pole; lights everywhere. We’d all pile out of the car in our Sunday best and walk up the lighted pathway to Santa’s Workshop.
Once inside we were greeted by Santa’s Elves and led to Santa. It smelled like fresh cut wood and roaring fire with just a hint of chocolate and magic. It was wonderful. I don’t remember there ever being a line. We’d all walk up and take our turn to sit on Santa’s lap and excitedly tell him of our Christmas Wishes. 
Once the pictures were taken the candy canes taken we we’d be shuffled off to choose a toy. Every child that went to see Santa got a toy when they left. The hand carved wooden toys were stacked on what seemed like shelf after shelf. Choosing was always easy for the boys; rubberband pistols and rifles were their go-to gift every year. For us girls, it was always a little harder to choose. Wooden dolls, doll house accessories, trinkets, and ornaments… I do remember choosing a rubberband rifle once or twice.
After saying our goodbyes and choosing our toys, we would head back home and get ready for bed. Too excited to sleep, I would usually stay up late reading or playing in my room. I remember watching out the window to see if Santa woud fly by. Grasping at my last bit of belief that he might show himself. 
Sadly, Santa’s workshop in Deer Park is no longer operating; though I have driven by there every year just to check. I will always have those precious memories to hold tight to when Christmas rolls around every year. 
I am working towards making these types of memories for my kids.
For this year, Zoie is waiting until Christmas Eve to visit Santa and the anticiation is killing her.

I love it!

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