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Debits and Credits and General Ledgers

It has been an INSANE week!
I’ve been so busy I can’t even tell you.
It all started last Thursday when I got a call from my old job. They had a power outage last Monday and lost the function of 2 out 8 servers. After hiring an IT specialist to retain the data on those two servers it was found that the data was too corrupt to save. Boo! What did they lose??? Oh… just the last full year of ALL accounting data. It was a crazy amount of information.  So they called me and another past employee to come in and help re-enter all the data. There were 8 of us.  We each worked about 80 hours in the week (a few worked more) to get it all back on line.
Needless to say, I’ve missed my baby girl and my hubby! I’ve been away a lot this week. But I was able to make a little extra money which will help with the bills.
Now, I’m sitting here and I want to write something meaningful and important. But all I can think of is debits and credits and general ledgers. Eek!
Today we had some family pictures done by the lovely Lynnette of Photography by Lynnette. I can’t wait to get those back to share with everyone. It was a beautiful, sunny, snowy day.
Tomorrow, I have the day off to take Miss Ryleigh to a doctors appointment where we will spend the day hanging out, watching movies, and playing games. Hopefully, our day will go by quickly.  
Then, on Wednesday I am off to Sunny Phoenix for a week or so to spend some time with my parents.
And … 
Since I don’t like reading blogs without pictures (cause I love seeing everyone’s cute kiddos). Here is a pic of my cute kiddo!  She is going to be 11 weeks old on Tuesday. It’s gone by so fast!
I’ll be back tomorrow! Happy Sunday Peeps!

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