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Dieting… and Breastfeeding

Before I got pregnant, well actually, before I started trying to get pregnant I was in the best shape and lowest weight I had been in years. I had spent several months and lost 35 pounds. Yay Me! I was so proud of myself and felt awesome… I even wore a bikini 🙂

After that time, I went through massive hormone treatments, got pregnant, and gained 76 pounds over the course of about a year. UGH!  Ugh, is an understatement to how I felt physically and how I am currently feeling about myself and my weight.

When I had Zoie in November I was at the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I am almost ashamed to admit that I weighed in at 226 when I had the little Miss. Well, not completely ashamed though, because of what I have to show for the sacrifice to my body.  Being pregnant was really hard on my body. My hips hurt so badly that some days I couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch. I even had physical therapy to try to combat some the pain. Then there were hormones and cravings, all adding to my becoming heavy. 
Since that time though, I have lost 66 pounds. Mostly pregnancy weight and all that. But I really want to get back to my goal weight of where I started before the hormones.

My goal is to get back to 150. Shouldn’t be too hard, I am only 20 pounds away. But I can’t seem to drop these last pounds. It seems every time I try to diet, my milk supply decreases.


Although, I am not completely desperate to lose the weight right now because I have my beautiful baby girl to feed and that is far more important to me than fitting into my skinny jeans. I would, however, like to get at least somewhere close to where I was. But to do that, I need some help. I try to eat right… being summer and all I have indulged in a few Popsicles, but for the most part we eat pretty healthy in our house. I’ve been sticking to fruits and veggies, lots of salads and proteins. We try not to eat a lot of processed sugars, but occasionally have treats when we are out and about. I’ve been walking a lot and riding my bike. Not as much as I should, but as much as I have time for. I just feel stuck 🙁

I could use a little advice and help from other Mama’s out there. How did you get back to your goal weight after baby? How long did it take? Did you have my same problem with breastfeeding? What do I do? Will I ever get back to where I was? Should I just wait until I am done breastfeeding?

More than help though, I need encouragement. I went clothes shopping for an upcoming business trip with my husband the other day and spent 10 minutes crying in the dressing room. The clothes didn’t fit. The ones that did fit were unflattering. It was very disheartening. It would be so much easier if life was easy.

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