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Fair Night

What a night!

The fair is in town and Friday night we took it full advantage of all it had to offer.

Zoie has been missing her friend, Tyler. With the busy we’ve all been feeling this summer, we haven’t seen Tyler and his family as much as we’d like. We thought going to the fair was the perfect opportunity to get the kids together for a fun night.

Zoie and Tyler

We started out the evening at the petting zoo where the kids spent some time feeding the goats and sheep.

Feeding Goats

After feeding the animals, the kiddos fueled up with a cheeseburger and got themselves pumped and ready for Mutton Bustin’.

For those of you that don’t know what Mutton Bustin is… well, it’s when kiddos ride sheep. They get set up with a helmet and chest protector then ¬†climb on the back of a sheep and hold on tight for as long as they can. Six seconds is the goal, but as you’ll see, it isn’t easy, but it’s great training for their future rodeo careers.


Getting Ready


Zoie and Tyler were ready!


Zoie’s Turn.


Tyler’s Turn.


The kids did awesome! They were so brave and Zoie was the littlest one out there at 33 pounds.

It was a success! They both came out without a scratch and it was so fun watching them be so brave.


After the Mutton Bustin we grabbed some sweet treats and headed off to the rodeo where the Fair Princesses held the full attention of our future rodeo queen, Zoie, and the bronk riders and cattle wrestlers were the stars of the show.

Of course, we couldn’t leave the fair without playing a game or two and going on a few rides.



Zoie loves the fast rides and rollercoasters… Tyler, not so much.


These cool cars were more Tyler’s speed… I feel like I’m looking into their future here. lol


So Strong!


Big Winners!


We can’t wait to go back again next year!
Although, I didn’t get a corn dog so we may have to head back before it ends this weekend.

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