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Our February Goals

On top of my yearly goals, a friend of mine has encouraged me to also share some monthly goals.

It’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day of life. I for one find myself stuck doing the same things every day more than I should. It’s important for me to set goals for things I want to do, see, accomplish, even eat and drink. If I get it all down on paper, I can print it and see it staring me in the face every day. That little list staring at me reminds me to live in the moment and get out there and do things.

Living the every day can be great for routines… but I easily get stuck in a rut and forget that there are new things out there to be enjoyed. In all honestly, these ‘goals’ are more like lists of things we want to do than goals to be accomplished… but we’re calling them goals, sounds nicer than wants. (wink)

So here I have made two lists. One for me and one for Zoie. It’s important to me that she become more cultured and see more of this world and even the town we live in.

So here are our Goals for February 2017:


  1. Try a new restaurant with my husband
  2. Taste a new beer or wine
  3. Go out to lunch with a friend… maybe someone we haven’t seen in a while
  4. Get my nails done
  5. Get my hair colored… those grays won’t cover themselves…
  6. Tackle one of my yearly goals
  7. Walk at least 50 miles (Better get started since the month is half over)
  8. Read a book (A real book, not a magazine or one of Zoie’s books)
  9. Clean out and organize a closet or cabinet
  10. Go on 3 dates with my husband

Not too shabby of a list… maybe a little far reaching since we are already half way through the month, but here’s goes nothing.


  1. Read 40 Books
  2. Read 4 Bob Book all by herself
  3. Get a haircut… this one Mama is having a hard time with…
  4. Earn the American Girl washing machine I’ve been wanting (Better to get to work sweetheart!)
  5. Ride on the animals at the mall
  6. Go on a date at a new restaurant with Daddy
  7. Go for a walk through Riverfront Park

She did some hard thinking on these ones. Especially the American Girl toy she wants… she’s been trying to earn that with a sticker chart for months. She’ll need to put some major work in to get that one.

Overall we both have some encouraging lists of things we want to accomplish this month.


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