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Friday Morning

My awesome hubby let me sleep in this morning!
It was fabulous!!
Getting up at 7:30 is nice, especially when I go to bed late.
So now, I sit here at my kitchen table
listening to “The GoGos” on GMA; enjoying my slow morning.
I took the dog for a walk.
Although I’m not really sure whether I walked her… or she walked me.
While on our walk we (yes I include the dog so I don’t feel so silly) saw a truck at someone’s house. 
It was the “Dooty Free” truck! Hilarious…. not their toilet issues, I’m very sorry for that. But for who they called to fix it; who comes up with this stuff??
Now… I have my morning to get some chores done.
And then I might go shopping! I really need some shirts that fit me… Getting bigger every day.

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