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Gender Test #1: Queasy Does It

Here is the first gender test! I am so excited. I am going to try and do one test every week until we find out the sex of the baby. I hope you all enjoy playing along!

My cousin, Julia who lives in Germany, recently emailed me. We were chatting about my pregnancy and she is convinced I will be having a boy. She had a boy, and my other cousin had two boys…

Here is her reasoning:
In Germany, they have a saying
“A boy gives you beauty, a girl takes your beauty”
I found the same thing online:
“Sick as a dog during the first trimester — or still? Signs indicate you are having a girl. Little or no morning sickness points to a boy.”
This is what I know right now:
1. My sister had a girl: She was Sick Sick Sick through her whole pregnancy, and she didn’t look so hot either. (Sorry Kimmy, I still love you) And we won’t even get started on her attitude 😉
2. My cousin, Elisa: has had two boys: She was never sick and she glowed throughout both of her pregnancies.
3. My cousin in Germany, Julia: had a boy and felt wonderful throughout her pregnancy.
4. My friend, Amy: A Girl! Sick as a dog, although she still looked really good, didn’t even gain any weight. Ahh… the joys of being young.
On the Contrary:
My sister-in-law, Netty: was never sick. Only tired, like I feel. She had a girl.
I have had no morning sickness. In fact, I really don’t feel ill or nauseous at all. Unless I am hungry, then I feel a little queasy. So as long as I keep myself well fed, signs are looking toward having a boy…. signs are also looking toward gaining a lot of weight (yay).
Boy: 1
Girl: 0

This is fun! Come play again next Friday 🙂

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    April 10, 2011 at 3:05 am

    I look forward to your prediction posts! With both my girls as well as Kody, I was very exhausted but never sick…..lots of heartburn though, my bestfriends were tums and gasX 🙂

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