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Getting Fit

Three weeks ago, my bestie and I decided to get fit!
We even created a blog for ourselves to keep track of what we are up to and our progress. Just for us!
I finally got off my butt and got in a little exercise.
When I say, “A Little”, I mean, “A little”.
I’m not SO lazy, I’ve just been swamped the last couple weeks.
 Finishing up summer break with Ryleigh.
Creating dresses and skirts for the website.
Meeting with my friend and web designer for some much needed counseling and business input.
Sewing… a lot of sewing. Can’t wait to share what I’ve got coming out for Christmas.
Yes, I’m thinking about Christmas already.
Back to getting off my behind and getting in a little exercise.
Zach took off for work early this morning and after listening to the dog whine after hearing the truck leave her behind, I decided to take Zoie and Zive (the dog) for a walk.
Walking down our road with a stroller this time of year, isn’t exactly easy.
It is the best example of a washboard dirt road I’ve seen in a LONG time. Pushing the stroller down the road is a challenge all in itself. But Zoie LOVES it. Which I can tell from the, “More Mama” screams.
At the end of our road, there is a cemetery on one side, and a field with goats and a llama on the other side. The cemetery, which in the evening is a bit scary, during the morning hours was somewhat peaceful. beautiful actually. I found myself thinking of people there. The beautiful stone that were chosen by loved ones to remember family and friends. The stories of all the lives there, wishing I could have a conversation with someone from the late 1800’s and hear about their life in our area. Wishing I knew their history.
The llama, who normally runs to greet us on our journey, wasn’t in the big field today. That didn’t stop Zoie from yelling Hello to him. The horses down the road remind me to call someone about getting Zoie some riding lessons. She loves horses and I hope that is something that she will like to learn about.
Can you see him? Hiding in the distance.
At the end,
we only made it a little over a mile. I would have liked to go further, but at the end of the road was a dog that didn’t take to kindly to Ziva. So we were forced to turn around.

Recorded with the MapMyRun app.
Hopefully, we can go further tomorrow. I need to keep this up if I’m ever going to be a #fitmom.


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    August 30, 2013 at 3:47 am

    Go you!!!!!!! So proud and u should b too! Love ya!

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