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Good Wednesday

It is a beautiful day here in our little neck of the woods.
The sun is shining!
The birds are chirping!
The deer are out eating my flowers… 🙁
Oh well… comes with the territory.

This morning we got the puppies out in the grass to play and take a few pics. They are so funny!
I could chill with them for hours. We’re going to be so sad when the go to their new families next weekend. I can’t believe the time has already come. 
The new families are all so very excited! I know I would be.

I’m most worried about Zoie though. To say she loves the puppies is a complete understatement.
She LOVES them!
She walks around the house yelling “Puppies” “Puppies”
It’s gonna break her little heart when they go. Maybe we should keep one… there is still one unspoken for… hmmmmm…


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    Kristine Foley
    April 29, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    So cuuute! Did u keep the one left?

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