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Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween yesterday!
We had such a great day.
First – A Throwback to last year. Zoie’s first Halloween last year.
With her big sister Ry dressed as a Fairy.
It started off running errands in town.
(Got Costco done before the 1st. Yay me!)
Followed that with a long nap for Zoie.
Finished off by an amazing night of Pizza and Zoie Trick or Treating!
It was perfect!
Zoie had SO MUCH FUN!
And by the end of the evening she was even saying, “Trick or Treat!”
In the beginning when they opened the door she would say.
“Hi! Candy Mease!”
So Cute.
About a month ago she couldn’t stop talking about Charlotte’s Web. 
So she dressed up as Charlotte and I decorated her pumpkin as Wilbur.
I am not kidding you … every single adult we passed on the street had to stop and say “Hi” to her. 
People were randomly handing her their candy. Someone even gave her their WSU glow stick! It was hilarious and she was taking it all in. It’s like they’d never seen a baby dressed as a spider before.
Not to brag or anything… but we made One Cute Kid!
Checking out her loot!
Hope you all had a perfect Halloween!

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    November 2, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    She’s the cutest!! Did you make her costume too?

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