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Hike Washington ~ Deep Creek Canyon at Riverside State Park

Earlier this summer we made a pact to try at least one new hike a week this summer. We even went so far as to put it on our Summer Bucket List … so you know we’re serious. lol
This last week was our first full week of summer and we managed to get our first hike in on Father’s Day.
It made for a perfect morning celebrating Zach.

For this weeks hike we chose Deep Creek Canyon at Riverside State Park and it was a perfect choice.
The weather was perfectly sunny and not too hot which made for our favorite hiking weather.

If you decide to do any hiking at Riverside State Park, there are almost too many trails to choose from. And they all have amazing scenery and views. The hike through Deep Creek takes you either through the woods above a canyon where you will experience amazing views. Or you can do what we chose and head into the canyon which starts out on trail number 25. It winds down a wooded path and comes out smack in the middle of Deep Creek. Lucky for us, during the warm summer months the creek is dry. But visit here in the spring and it’s a raging river. I have heard its a great place to snowshoe in the winter, which might be something we’re going to need to try in the next year or two.

When you make it to the end of the canyon it will come out where the creek meet the Spokane River. From there we walked back on the upper remaining part of trail 25.


This was a fun hike, there were a few little pools to look at with frogs and if you like jumping from rock to rock, this is definitely your spot.



Have you tried this hike? I love to know what you think.

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