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In Need of New Jeans

Unfortunately for me, but lucky for my husband (whom I share a closet with) I have very few pairs of pants.
I can’t help it. I LOVE buying new clothes, but once they are purchased, one of two things happens to them:

1. My husband decides to “Help” with the laundry and my

clothes come out one (or sometimes two sizes) smaller than they went in.
2. I wear them at least once a week for a while and they get washed
just as many times… so I end up with faded and not so flattering jeans.
I was really good for a long time, and lost a TON of weight. Therefore, I threw out a TON of clothes. All those jeans I was hanging on to because, “They might fit me again some day”, all went out the door and to Good Will.
So now I have a dilemma. I only have 3 pairs of pants that actually fit me. And one of them doesn’t even fit every day. Which is sad all in itself.  But another sad truth, due to some medication from my Doc… I am closer again to my old weight, than my wanted weight. Which leaves me with very few choices in the pants department.
So what do I do?? I try to go shopping for new pants.
With No LUCK!

Do you know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans when your butt isn’t exactly the size you’d like it to be??
It is SO disheartening 🙁

And my husband won’t let me spend money on the jeans that I’d really like to have. (Deep down I know he is right… it just sucks) To him… a good pair of jeans is the $12.50 Kirkland Brand from Costco. Great for you to wear to work babe, but not good for me… sorry. As much as I would LOVE to spend $15-20 on a pair of jeans, it just doesn’t work for me and my body.

HELP!! What do I do now?? And where should I go?

Today is payday… I think I’ll try again.
I am in desperate need of your suggestions…

Oh… and please Wish me luck!

See Ya~

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