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Let’s Go Hiking – Beacon Rock State Park

It was still pretty chilly at night, but the days were gorgeous and we spent the weekend with family which made the one day of rain totally worth it.

With the (somewhat) warm spring air taunting us to get outside and do something, we decided that Saturday was a great day to get our first hike of the season under our belts. Beacon Rock State Park was my first choice. I’ve always wanted to hike the Beacon Rock Trail but it never seems to work out. This was our chance to finally get to the top of this massive rock.

I have this goal in my head where I want to visit all of the State Parks in Washington and all of the National Parks… it’s a big list, but we’re working our way through it. Being in the Columbia River Gorge gives us ample opportunity to visit several state parks and get lots of walks and hiking in. One of the MANY reasons why I love it there.

Once Spring really rolls in and the days get warmer, this rock gets harder to climb, at least with a six year old in tow. While the trail is classified as easy to moderate, the 578 foot gain can be a lot in the heat for a little girl. There are 52 switchbacks along the rock face. It’s insane! So completing this hike when it’s still fairly cool outside was the best idea for our family.

Zoie did amazing! I was nervous on some of the corners but that kid is fearless… ok, I was nervous because that kid is fearless. Some of those drops off the sides of the switchbacks are a FAR DROP.

Here are a few pics from our hiking adventure.

The girls wanted to look “dead” tired when they made back down. Silly kids.

The view is spectacular! In every direction!

If you are ever in lower Washington State, be sure to check it out.

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