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Lost my shirt …

I almost took my shirt off in Fred Meyer the other day. And not in the dressing room. Right smack in he middle of the camping supply aisle.

Here’s what happened:
Something bit my back. I felt it, so Zach looked down the back of my shirt and didn’t see anything. He didn’t believe me actually. He thought I was losing it or imagining things.

Then … it but me again! On the top of my back. By this point I was freaking out a little. But I couldn’t just take my shirt off in the middle of the store. So … I had Zach look again. And again he didn’t see anything.

And then … it bit me again on the middle of my back. So off the shirt went! Okay… Not all the way off. Only about 3/4 of the way. But far enough to get a show. Luckily no one was standing close enough to see anything (phew).

But I wasn’t wrong, it was about this time a bug peeked out from near my bra clip and Zach finally saw it. So as I was wriggling in pain and fear (cause I had no idea what it was) and embarrassment; Zach was trying to get the bug off me and … finally … he did.

Stupid bug was little. I have no idea what it was. But it hurt! And it left red welts on the my back. I’m sure the security guards watching that got a little show. Oh well! Such is life 🙂

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