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Making Mommy Friends

Good Morning!
A lot on my mind as I guzzle my coffee this morning.
Thinking about my friends and my mommy friends.

Does anyone else often find it difficult to find and hang on to mommy friends?
I have my school friends,
and my long time friends, 
and my family friends…

but lately it seems hard to find other mommy friends.

I recently joined a couple of mommy and me groups here in my area and have found it difficult to bond with anyone. 

The first group I joined had several prissy moms that were not very welcoming. Although some moms were great! It was difficult to attend meetings where I knew the other rude moms would be.
The second group I joined was a little more receptive to new moms joining, but most of the meeting are at least a 30 minute drive to us to attend.
Then I have MOPs. I love MOPs! I’ve reconnected with several great mom friends that I knew in high school through this group and it is by far my favorite. It did though, take me a while to open up and make any connections with other moms.

Sometimes I get into these social situations and I get shy and have a hard time connecting with people. 
Sometimes, like (I hope) other people, I just don’t know what to say or talk about.

One of my problems is our schedule. For being a stay-at-home mama, we sure are busy. I find it hard to make plans with other moms in my area. It’s been difficult finding that ‘Long Lasting’ relationship that I am looking for.

Anyone have any suggestions?
I think today, I am going to call someone and see if they want to meet and go for a walk. I can definitely use some exercise and I’d like to think there are other moms out there needing the same thing.


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    Kristine Foley
    April 9, 2013 at 11:09 am

    We need to b neighbors!! Or at least live in tge same town 🙂 oh heck ill take the same state 😉

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