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Memorial Weekend 2013

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!
Did you get your ‘Thanks’ in where they were needed?

We spent a lovely weekend with the girls and my niece, Maci, camping in Montana.
Well, I don’t know if any of you would call it ‘real’ camping?!?
We camped in a trailer… In an RV park… With wifi and cable tv… 
Pathetic … I know.

Well, not completely pathetic. We still do all our cooking and eating outside.I just like having a real bathroom and a shower only steps away from our camp site. 
And I like sleeping in a bed and not on the ground 🙂

This weekend we ventured over to Flathead Lake in Montana.
If any of you have not been here; it is BEAUTIFUL country.

Here are a few pics of our family and some things we saw.
Two Bull Buffalo (Bison) 
or Tatonka (If you ask my husband who is obsessed with Kevin Costner films)
Baby Buffalo
Mama was not far away from this little one.

Views from the TOP of the Bison Range.

Views of the Kerr Dam

The Kerr Dam separates Flathead Lake from the Flathead River.
Our family, before we conquered the 354 steps down to the viewing point.
*It wasn’t as hard as people made it sound coming back up (wink)
View of Flathead Lake from Highway 93 on the drive into Polson, MT.
Some ranchers were moving their herd from one field to another.
Something you don’t see very often these days.
Very Cool! 

Well, that was our trip in a nutshell.
The rest of our time was spent eating ice cream, swimming, riding bikes, and relaxing.
Couldn’t have been a more perfect weekend.


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    Kristine Foley
    May 30, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    Love your fam pics! Thats totally how we camp too 🙂

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