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Mommy Venting

We are in Las Vegas this week. Just me and the Hubs. We left Zoie with her Nana and Papa and headed off to Sin City for some R&R, visiting, and furniture shopping. Did you know we own a furniture store? More on that later 🙂

On to my venting…

What in the heck is wrong with these mothers that come to Las Vegas and bring their infants and young children along with them? I am not normally one to swear on this blog, but I’m gonna say it… What the Hell?!?!

Walking back to our hotel after a show last night around 1030, I saw probably a dozen or more babies. Babies! Little, tiny babies in slings and strollers and being held by younger siblings while their parents gambled. I am disgusted to say the least!

Not only were there infants out but the sheer number of children here is astonishing. Now, I am not against bringing older kids here. I am however, against parents that seem to ‘forget’ to actually parent their children while they are here. Take them out during the day and enjoy what there is to see. These young kids are out until well after midnight because their parents are having far to much fun spending their college education money at the craps tables to go upstairs and put them to bed at a decent time. I am not kidding you when I say that I saw a mother playing slots and yelling at her son to sit at the edge of the carpet until she finished. He was probably 4, maybe 5. I should have called CPS! I should have beat her up… But I was so shocked by her actions I did nothing 🙁

People wonder what is wrong with kids today… Oi Vey!

Ok. I am done now. And I am happier than ever that my baby girl went to bed on time. Safe and snug in her bed at Nana’s house. I love you baby girl! See you tomorrow 🙂

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