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My Mom’s Job

I am so proud of my mom! She spent the first 17 years of my life at home or working a part time job knowing she could be there for me when I needed her most. She was at every Girl Scout meeting, birthday party, choir concert, parent-teacher conference, and sleep over. She went above and beyond her duties as a mom to sacrifice the things she wanted, just so we could have happy and fullfilled childhoods.

After 17 years of putting her children before herself; she decided it was time to go out and do something for herself. And what did she do?? She became a flight attendant where she now puts the lives of hundreds of people before her own. Talk about selfless.  
Way to go Mom!
I just read this little snippet about flight attendants and thought of my mom. So now I am sharing with you. Try to keep these things in mind on your next flight.
To the Flying Public: We’re sorry
We’re sorry we have no pillows.
We’re sorry we’re out of blankets.
We’re sorry the airplane is too cold.
We’re sorry the airplane is too hot.
We’re sorry the overhead bins are full.
We’re sorry we have no closet space for your oversized bag.
We’re sorry that’s not the seat you wanted.
We’re sorry there’s a restless toddler/overweight/offensive smelling passenger seated next to you.
We’re sorry the plane is full and there are no other seats available.
We’re sorry you didn’t get your upgrade.
We’re sorry that guy makes you uncomfortable because he “looks like a terrorist”.
We’re sorry there’s a thunderstorm and we can’t take off.
We’re sorry we don’t know when it will stop.
We’re sorry you’re crammed into a space so small that if you were an animal PETA would protest.
We’re sorry our plane has no music or video entertainment for your 3 hour flight.
We’re sorry we ran out of your favorite soda.
We’re sorry there are no more sandwiches.
We’re sorry that Budweiser costs $6.
We’re sorry we don’t have diapers for your baby.
We’re sorry we don’t have milk for same baby.
We’re sorry you can’t hang out by the cockpit door waiting to use the bathroom.
We’re sorry you can’t hang out at the back of the airplane.
We’re sorry you have to sit down and fasten your seatbelt.
We’re sorry you have to put your seat up for landing.
We’re sorry we don’t know when we’re going to land.
We’re sorry we don’t know whether your plane to (substitute any city in the world) will be waiting for you when we land.
We’re sorry we’ve been diverted because we ran out of gas waiting to land.
We’re sorry for these and so many other things that we have absolutely no control over but which we are held accountable for EVERY SINGLE DAY .

Please understand. Flight attendants are not the enemy. We share your space. More than anyone – we want to have a nice, pleasant travel experience. Please just trust that we are looking out for your best interest and stop fighting with us about everything we ask you to do. It is exhausting.

Enjoy your next flight! And remember to THANK your Flight Attendant!




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