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Our Adventure Home

After our long 4 days in San Francisco…

We arrived at the airport for our stand-by flight home from San Francisco on Thursday Afternoon. After getting through security and waiting for the flight, the plane finally arrived and much to our dismay started filling up quickly… With only 6 seats available for us ‘Stand-by’ travelers we were a little nervous that we wouldn’t make the flight.

Then the call came in… My dad had just checked the loads for the flight from Phoenix to Spokane and it was FULLY BOOKED!  AHHH! Which was a bummer all in itself… except our current flight we were sitting there waiting on filled up at the last minute…

We were stranded!

So what did we do? Well, If you can’t get home for a couple days…

Why not jump on a flight to Vegas!!

So we did! We were able to get on a flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas without any problems and ended up spending two nights there. What a fun weekend! After a Fun Week!

Zach and I in the Bellagio Garden

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