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Our Favorite Summer Cleaning Combination

When it comes to summer around our house, things tend to get messy… that’s when we decide to #unleashthecleansquad with Clorox Cleaning Spray and Viva towels.

Things from forgotten popcicles…

Everyday¬†spills; in the summer Zoie like’s to make her own lunch…

Outdoor grills which tend to get pretty dirty with the dust and rain storms we’ve had the last couple weeks..

and even cleaning up outdoor furniture…

There seems to be an endless number of things we use Clorox and Viva Towels on around our house, especially in the summer.

Clorox Cleaning Spray never fails me. It always works best with a paper towel, and I love the Viva Towels… they come in an amazing cloth like texture that doesn’t rip or disintegrate with extra use. I can even rinse and reuse them for big jobs… like juice spills.

I always tell my friends, “It’s not really clean, until it’s clean and smells like bleach.” I’ve even been known to keep it in my truck when we’re traveling; you never know when a rest area bathroom needs a little sprucing before you can use it… and I’m totally not kidding.

Visit your local Walmart and pick up your own Clean Squad of Viva Towels and Clorox Cleaning Spray! You can’t miss it. When scanning the aisles, the vibrant colors of the Clorox products tend to jump right out at you.

Have you used the Ibotta App? Launching July 5th, save $1 off any Viva Paper Towels 6 pack or larger. Starting 6/21 save $.50 off any Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Spray varieties. Be sure to take advantage and cash in on that rebate!

Another BONUS…
Have you taken advantage of Walmart’s online ordering and grocery pickup yet? I urge you to do so! Saves me so much time and energy, especially with kids in tow.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.
Don’t forget to take advantage of this great offer before it’s too late.

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