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Pig Killer

That is me … I hate to admit it … but I am a killer of pigs.

I have recently acquired a Verizon Droid X. My FAVORITE phone ever!
With this phone (along with the additional costs of having it) I have found apps.
There are apps for everything. I found a kindle app to read my books, a recipe app to find new things to try for dinner, and I even found an app that holds all my store card information. You wouldn’t believe the room I now have in my purse and wallet.
It’s sickening 🙂
But of all the apps that I have downloaded… my favorite is Angry Birds.
Have you played it yet?
I can’t believe how addicting this is. You shoot birds across the screen to knock over blocks and kill pigs. I dont’ know if it is just my addictive personality …
But I . Can’t . Stop . Playing .
Even right now it is all I can think about… I’m supposed to be working.
Working on the next level 😉 
You can even buy the birds and pigs as stuffed animals… is that taking it too far??
I think not!
Check out : Shop Angry Birds They are Super Cute!
If you haven’t found this game yet, don’t get it …
unless you plan to be like me and somehow have time to spend the next two weeks playing only this game (which I don’t).
Oh… and don’t plan on getting any work done 🙂 

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