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Pink Eye and Football

Good Sunday Morning to you all!
Things are quiet around here.
As quiet as they can be with a teething 14 month old. 

It’s been an uneventful weekend… unless you count:
A quick trip to the vet with the Ziva Dog… 

did I mention we are getting her bred? Dropping her off with her boyfriend today. She’s excited! (wink wink)
Oh, and a quick stop off at Urgent Care. 
The Pink Eye bugs appear to be roaming these parts and pretty much everywhere the little’s have cold and flu bugs. Except this time, I thought it got me. Luckily it turned out to not be pink eye, but the sinus infection I’ve been ignoring secretly hoping would go away on its own moved into my eye… yuck! So I got myself a Z-Pack and some eye drops. I sure hope this Mama is feeling better soon!

After all that …. Uneventful day.
We don’t need anything else going on.
We have enough going on with Zoie getting a GIANT tooth!
Awe … The many faces of a teething baby!
Poor Miserable Snookums (Insert Sad Mama Face Here)
On a Sports Note.
The Seahawks play today!
We are not the biggest sports fans in our house.
Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE Football!
We just don’t usually have time to watch it. Not to mention the fact that every time I get my heart set on a team doing well, I get terrible anxiety during their games. That usually builds throughout the season to BIG Anxiety. 
When they don’t do well… I don’t do well. I can’t keep my heart out of it.
So now that the Seahawks have made it this far, it is a good time for me to start paying closer attention. I’ve watched the last three or four games and have loved them! 
Can you feel my anxiety growing… heart beating fast, the thrill fear of the unknown. It’s killing me!
Now you know where our Sunday will be spent.
After we drop Ziva with her boyfriend. I’ll be coming home to make some chili and settle down for a good ball game. 
And you’re in Luck!
My mom said I could share our chili recipe. 
SO Good! and great for kiddos! Not to spicy 🙂
Come back tomorrow for pics/tutorial/recipe!
What are your Sunday plans!


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  • Reply
    Kristine Foley
    January 14, 2013 at 8:09 am

    YUM! Can’t wait to try out your chili! And OMHECK! Freakin pink eye! Your pic didn’t come thru so glad you posted here 🙂 Hope you’re doing much much better! As soon as I got antibiotics for my blasted pink eye it was gone! #PTL First time getting it and no fun, but looks like we caught it right away cuz no one else got it even tho it’s suppose to be highly contagious. Eek! Again PTL 🙂 Our Pack lost, which is still a sad touchy subject 😉 How’d you guys do? Ok enough with my novel lol! XOXOXO

  • Reply
    Kristine Foley
    January 14, 2013 at 8:12 am

    I meant to also say poor Miss Zoie looks miserable 🙁 Hang in there! My SIL swore by those dis-solvable teething tablets. For Maggie I used an amber necklace and I SWEAR it did wonders! I need to order another for Mia! Poor girl has more coming in too! Hugs to you Z!

    And oh yeah… you go Ziva girl lol!!!!

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