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Potty Training

We’ve started it.
The dreaded potty training.
I’ve known it’s been coming and I think that is why I’ve dreaded it.

Every part of this parenting thing has been a huge blessing.
The only thing about it I have not looked forward to; well except the teenage attitude of course, is potty training.

I’m not really big on cleaning up potty from my living room carpet.

While we were on vacation Zoie did a pretty good job at Nana’s. Went in the potty several times on her little toilet. But since we got home on Sunday afternoon, things haven’t exactly gone to plan.

The last couple days have been good. She’s only had one accident and quickly ran to the bath saying, “pee pee potty, pee pee potty.” It was so cute I couldn’t help but laugh.

I really could use some help at this point.
I want to do it right.
I think I’ll get some more books to read on it today.

If any one has ANY advise for me … I am READY for it!

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