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Shooting Manual

My husband got me a new DSLR Nikon for Christmas.

When I found out how much he paid for it, I figured I owed it to him (and myself) to learn how to properly use it. 

I just took a class with my good friend, Emily, 
You NEED to go check out her work.
She takes BEAUTIFUL pictures.
And if you are ever on the island of Oahu, 
do yourself a favor and book a session!
Emily was so patient in teaching me what I needed to know to switch from shooting ‘auto’ to ‘manual’. 
I can’t be more thankful to her. 
I am just starting out… and I know I need more practice.
But here’s my first “OK” shot of the day.

Aside from needing more practice shooting, I need to also learn how to edit properly.
Anyone have any suggestions on editing software?
There are so many to choose from, I’m currently using the free version of Picassa, but I know there is WAY better out there.

How do you shoot?
I’d love some tips.

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