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Sledding and a Snow Man

Maci, Ryleigh and I went sledding last week.
I think this was my first time sledding in more than 10 years and we had so much fun.
The girls loved sledding in the snow.
This video was the first time Maci went down the hill by herself.
Ryleigh made some snow angels and did a little posing in the snow.
Then we all made a little snowman. Once it was finished, Maci decided to eat him. She said she didn’t want to waste a perfectly good snowman. Don’t worry, I made sure it was all clean 🙂 She’s so silly…

After our fingers and toes were froze to the bone, we made the quick drive home where we warmed up with some Hot Chocolate and a Candy Cane.
It was a really good afternoon.

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