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Sunshine and Doldrums

Hi There!!

Things have been quiet around here. 
Both in the real world and the blog world. 
Sorry for that! 
Although, it was a bit like Spring today, which gave us a new look at our week. We woke up to sunshine and blue skies for the first time in MONTHS! It was SO nice to see the sun shining. Our moods really needed that boost it gave us.

We finally came up with a name for my upcoming business adventure.
Chasing Zoie – Boutique Clothing & Accessories
What do ya think? 
That was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. 
We are frantically working on a logo and hope to have our Facebook up and ready to start selling by next week. (Fingers Crossed)
I am working with the lovely and talented Carissa at Designing Fresh
I am lucky enough to call her my friend and am so glad to be working with her on this project. She is amazingly talented!
Not a lot planned for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.
My husband has recruited Ariana to hang with Zoie so we can go out to lunch and maybe catch a movie. He’s not big on Valentine’s, so I am happy with the low key day.
What are your big Valentine plans?
I’d love to hear about it in comments. 🙂

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