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Take Me Hiking ~ Dishman Hills Natural Area

We have had some incredibly warm weather here the last couple weeks.
Like, record breaking warm. It’s insane! And we la-la-LOVE it!

We have been enjoying every ounce of the unusual sunshine and spending as much time as we can in the great outdoors. Normally this takes us to our front yard to play soccer or baseball with Zoie in the evenings, but the other day, we found some time… during the day (which never happens)… to sneak out to the valley and find a place to hike.

There aren’t a lot of days that give us a few free hours before 5pm, let alone more than one of us, and at the same time… So we took advantage like nobody’s business, made the quick drive out to the valley and we were at the Dishman Hills Natural Area around lunch time.


Bonus? Parking is FREE!! Can’t beat a free outing with your family and getting in a little exercise to boot. So, with our trusty pack to hold our water and sandwiches, we hit the trail.

It was beautiful! Amazing scenery in every direction, rocky hills to navigate, small lakes and streams, and a stunning number of wild flowers to enjoy.



In total, we hiked about 3 miles, and Zoie did an amazing job, hiking at least 2 of the miles all by herself. Not to shabby for her little legs.

PicMonkey Collage


We hope to get back out there in a week or so to hike the entire route.
Hopefully this weather holds out a bit longer.

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