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The Libman Company ~ For Life’s Messy Moments


To say that things around our house the last few weeks have been crazy might be a lie… cause things have been insane.

I’ve been running errands all over town in the mornings, making sure to be home in the afternoon to meet the school bus, constantly cleaning up messes, and getting through our usual daily chores in the afternoons. Followed by dinner and baths and reading and early bed times… So pretty much your normal days, just without Zoie under foot.

I’m exhausted.

Who knew that having Zoie in kindergarten would make things busier?!?
I sure didn’t!

Luckily, I have Libman Company Products to help get me through my day.


The chores around our house seem never ending… and the little extra spills here and there only seem to add to the days chaos. I’m glad I have durable cleaning products to follow me throughout my day to help with life’s little messes.

And even the accidental ones.
But with Libman, cleanup is a breeze. Even for my big helper.

I’m beyond grateful to have a sweep product that fits in little hands. Zoie is a big helper… especially when making messes.

When it comes to clean up, she’s right there ready to help.
If you aren’t using Libman Company Products around your house, you are missing out. From kitchen, to bathroom, to floors… there is a Libman product for you.

You are in extra luck right now. Libman is offering a $20 rebate giveaway! Go HERE to enter! This is one giveaway that you don’t want to be late for. Cause FALL is coming… and so are the messes.


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