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The Mill Pond

Back in the early to mid 1800’s the Pacific Northwest thrived with loggers.
Just north of where we live, in the Colville National Forest, there is a place called Mill Pond. Formed when the first settlers were logging this area. Back in the day it would be filled with logs getting ready to head down stream on massive flumes to the nearby town of Metaline Falls. I have recently learned that this is actually a National Historic Site.

Colville National Forest

Today it is a thriving little lake. The water here is always a beautiful greenish/blue color and we enjoy walking the trails with Ziva every summer.

This is what it looks like today:

There is currently an order with the government to remove the dam that is holding the water in this lake.
If this is the case, we better get up there a few more times before it is gone. 

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