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The Target Tantrum and My 4 Tips on Getting Through It

It finally happened. I knew it was coming.
To be completely honest, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.

We had a toddler meltdown in Target, what I like to call, The Target Tantrum… duh duh duuuuuh! lol

You know the one; the kicking and screaming and loud crying that attracts all the attention of even the hard of hearing shoppers throughout the store. The one where you just want to cut and run; drop everything and hide behind the shower curtains in the bathroom section.
I know you know the one.

Zoie is almost 4, so ya… I’m shocked that it hasn’t happened sooner.
We’ve had small fits and lots of whining when things don’t go her way while shopping, and of course when she hasn’t gotten something that she wants, but the full on screaming and crying tantrum. It finally happened.

I want to share with you all my little tips to getting thought the Target Tantrum.

  1. Don’t Get Embarrassed. I swear to you the more embarrassed I felt, the louder Zoie screamed. You would have thought I was beating her, but no, she just got louder and louder.
  2. Don’t Give In!! I’m sure you know this, but giving in to whatever your toddler is screaming about will only make it worse the next time. I know you know this. I just like to be a broken record sometimes.
  3. Smile and Wave. When all those Lookie-Lous are staring and pointing at you either ignore them, or smile and wave. If they haven’t been in your situation, their time is coming. Just smile at them and give them a little “mind your own business” wave. Most people understand the situation you are in and couldn’t care less. The ones that do care, well, they can suck it.
  4. Pretend Nothing is Wrong OR Ignore It. Just keep on shopping. Let them cry. Let them scream. Your first instinct might be to just leave your cart right where you’re standing and walk run, to the nearest exit, but don’t. Just keep on shopping as if nothing was happening. It may be embarrassing but don’t let bad attitudes ruin your day or your shopping. Especially when you need those important things like diapers or formula, just keep on shopping.

Good Luck Mamas! (and Daddys, you aren’t exempt from this one.) If you haven’t been in this situation yet, don’t worry, your time is coming and when it has, the rest of us mama’s will welcome you to the Target Tantrum Club with open arms.

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