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Things I Love: On Opposite Day

I love going into the kitchen¬†only to find the sink overflowing with dishes…
When the dishwasher is empty.
I love the attitudes exuded from teenage girls. Especially 15 year olds.
So Much.
I love getting woken up by Zoie’s warm breath on my face at 2 in the morning.
It doesn’t scare the crap out of me.
At All.
(She just stands there staring until her mere presence wakes me up.)
I love that I can hear my dad’s dog snore;
from the garage…
In the middle of the night!
On that note:
I love having my dad’s dog here for the winter.
(Actually most days she’s not that bad… she’s protective and I like that.)
What’s on your Oposite Day list?

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