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Three Ways we Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Zoie


Three Toddler Gifts for

It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate those you love the most. While we usually don’t go all out in celebrating Valentine’s Day, I still like to do a few small things to make the day special for my daughter.

To be honest, for Zoie, any holiday is special, but a day surrounded by love, gifts, and special time together is one of her favorites. Here are three special ways we find to celebrate with our little Valentine:

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  1. Buy a new holiday book. When buying books, I always turn to Amazon. I enjoy buying new books for each holiday and writing a little note of love to Zoie inside it. We’re creating quite the collection that she can keep forever and maybe pass down to her kids.
  2. Fill a small tupperware or envelope with their favorite holiday candies. Some years I like to find a fun holiday themed mug from Starbucks and fill it with the her favorite holiday candies.
  3. Make a special meal together. Zoie loves to cook. During a regular week, we try to cook together at least once or twice. But when it comes to special holidays we tend to go all out! This year we are grilling steaks and Zoie is helping to make her favorite potatoes (sweet potatoes) in the oven. And for dessert, we are doing a kid friendly chocolate fondue. We’ll take lots of pics and share it on the blog later this week. I look forward to cooking with Zoie every chance we get. Today it will be extra special.

Happy Valentine's Day 2

We wish you all a Very Happy and Loving Valentine’s Day.
How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids? I’d love to hear about it.

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