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Thursday… Embracing the Camera

It’s Thursday…
It’s the last day of February…
Seriously, where did the month go???

We were up EARLY this morning!
Zoie thought that 4:45 was a good time to wake up. Ugh… Tired Mama
We had a grand plan to go have coffee with our Mommy & Me group.
But instead we get to take my step-daughter to the Dr.
Boo… on both cancelled plans and sick kiddos!
After that, we should probably get some groceries.
Saw this on Facebook. Bwahahahaha
Then finally…
Today we are embracing the camera! 
We used to link up with The Anderson Crew to embrace the camera with our babies every Thursday. Unfortunately people were taking advantage and she isn’t doing the link up right now. Boo on them! 
But Zoie and I are embracing anyway. Cause it’s still important. I have realized this more lately as I go through pics of Zoie from the last year and realize there are a lot of her, and a lot of her and her dad. But I am almost always the one behind the camera which means not a lot of pics of her and me. So I am trying to get out and get more taken of the two of us.
It’s important to get in front of the camera once in a while so your kids can also see you while they were growing up and not just themselves. 

Hope you all have a great Thursday!
It’s raining here! Which we LOVE… Cause it’s not snow :o)


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    Kristine Foley
    March 3, 2013 at 3:40 am

    Exactly!! Love Embrace the Camera, esp since we “met” thru Emily 🙂 Cute pics of u both!! xoxoxo

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