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Tip-Toeing Through the Tulips

I’ve always wanted to go walk through the tulips fields in the Spring. 
For years, I’ve looked a pictures of beautiful fields of tulips and dafodils in fields that seem to go on as far as you can see. To see that in person would be remarkable.

Last weekend we were finally able to make it over to the west side of the state during the time when everything there is in bloom. We were more excited than you could imagine. The whole way there was spent hoping that the rain would hold off and we could take a walk through the flowers.

We ended up getting very lucky because the rain came out for a short couple of hours. We should have know to bring our rain boots (which I know to bring next year). 

We didn’t get to walk out in the fields because our Toms would not have fared well in the 6 inches of mud, but we did get to walk through the gardens and drive by the fields and it was beautiful. Better than I could have imagined it to be. 

We hope you enjoy these pictures.
The girls can’t wait to go back with their boots on next year!

On another note:
Did you see that I changed the name of the blog?
From now on we’ll be known as
Chasing Zoie


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