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Traveling to Montana

Headed to Northern Montana yesterday. It is gorgeous here. Beautiful, snow topped mountains and long, winding rivers overlooked by cloud spotted blue skies. 
It is gorgeous and yet I can’t help but feel such a pang of resentment for why I travel here. I can’t fully appreciate its beauty. 
You see, a month ago, my step daughter moved to Montana to live with her mom. Her mom made the move here in June and after spending the summer at our home in Washington, Ryleigh went to be with her mom. 
We didn’t want her to go and wish every day that she was closer but at the time there was nothing we could do. The decision was made, the move happened, and now we have a long distance relationship with her. 
Every month her school has a three day weekend. Those weekends she will spend with us along with major holiday breaks and summer vacation. 
So now we are headed to this beautiful country that I can’t help but look at with a twinge of anger. Maybe some day I will let it go if the anger and resentment and see this place for the beauty it is. But until then, it’s just okay.

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    September 30, 2013 at 4:59 am

    Love you. You are a great mom. Hope your weekend ended on a high note!

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