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If you know me, then you know that I have BIG opinions about people who take their kids to Vegas. Not the ones that are traveling through and stop for a night to sleep or eat a good meal.

I’m talking about the parents with toddlers and/or infants that stroll the streets at 10 or 11pm (or later… I know you’ve seen it too) with beers in hand and sleeping babies in strollers.

It’s freaking midnight people! Get a sitter!

Okay… Rant Over!

Now that you know my true feelings about this… I’m a little hesitant to share with you that we took our kid to Vegas.
Something I swore I would never do!
It was a last minute decision. There is a really great RV park just south of the strip and while on our last road trip, we had planned on flying my step-daughter to Vegas to pick her up.
Vegas being the least expensive one-leg flight from her home thanks to Allegiant.

We thought we’d spend some time swimming and hanging out playing games at the trailer. But plans changed, she couldn’t make it down, and we couldn’t cancel our reservation at the RV park without penalty… so we stayed.

We ended up spending five days going to the movies, eating out, doing a little outlet mall shopping, and doing some touristy things while showing Zoie some of our favorite parts of the strip.

Making wishes in every fountain we walked by.

Zoie Fountain

The fountains at Bellagio.


The Bellagio Gardens.

Bellagio Gardens

The M&M Store.

MnM Store

The Coca-Cola Store.

Vegas 3

The best part of the whole week?? The Cirque du Soleil LOVE Beatles show.

Beattles Love
Zoie now wants to be a gymnast just like the kids she saw in the show and work in the M&M store when she grows up.

We were very diligent in getting off the streets by dark to avoid the card flippers and I only had to cover Zoie’s eyes from a girl wearing only pasties once.

Zoie may have to wait til she’s a LOT older before she makes a return to Sin City, but she loved the glitz and glam that the daylight hours brought to her life of adventure.

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