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Weekend in Review

We had another busy weekend.
Not surprising after having another busy week. 
Friday night my dad stole Zach away for an evening out.
There was a “Man Show” at the fairgrounds this weekend. I was assured they had a great time. Enjoyed dinner at Outback.
And my husband brought home another RC plane.
Yay me!
Zoie and I were able to spend the evening just the two of us.
We had hot chocolate and popcorn while watching Mary Poppins in bed.
The best date ever!
Saturday we RAN.
All. Over. Town.
Cause how else would you plan a busy Saturday?
Got a million things to do? Sleep in til 7!
My sister had asked to take Zoie for an overnight with Maci that night also.
I think they had a good time.
As evidenced by the chalk drawings in the driveway.
Even though it was only about 20 degrees out.

I made a pumpkin soup for Jake to take to a Thanksgiving pot luck with his friends. 
It turned out super yummy!
He totally took credit for making it.
I’m okay with that.
(Recipe to follow later this week)

Saturday evening Zach and I ventured out to the Northern Quest Casino in Airway Heights to meet up with some family for dinner. I even got a little dressed up.
I put on makeup and curled my hair.
All in the same day.
I assure you, this never happens.

After dinner, we gambled a little and then headed out for our hour drive home.
Wish we would have gotten a room.
Now that would have been smart thinking!

Sunday was another day of sleeping in.
Catching up on the DVR.
Running a couple errands.

Then a Birthday dinner for my step son.
Who turned 23!
What the heck?!?

Dinner was delicious.
Dessert was even better.

Happy Birthday Jakob!
Enjoy the next year!
We Love You!

I think that about covers it.
How was your weekend?

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