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Where have you been?!?!

My friends have been begging me for months… a year almost to start my blogging again. 
Begging and begging and begging.

I get it. I miss it too.

To be honest, I never really quit blogging.
I just got really busy.
I mean really, really busy.

Here’s a gist of my last year…

We bought a car wash.
Zoie and I spent a week in Phoenix.
My dog got hit by a truck. (Don’t fret, she’s fine now)
We went to Las Vegas. Twice.
We went on a 16 day road trip.
I got to spend time with my bloggy-bestie.
We went camping.
We saw a circus.
We went to a fair.
Zoie rode some ponies.
We spent a week camping at the beach.
We made it out on the boat. But only once.
We traveled back and forth to Montana. Twice.
My two year old got potty trained.
I worked 50+ hours most weeks. 
Zoie started preschool.
See… things have been busy. 
And that’s not even half of it. 

No time to write.
No time to process. 

In looking back, I’m thinking I should have a travel blog.
I could totally handle that. 
Wonder what my husband would think?? 

So sit back…
Grab a glass of your favorite beverage. Mines Creamed Earl Grey Tea 🙂
Things around this little bloggy are about to get crazy full.

More Soon.

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