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´╗┐For those that haven’t met her, Ziva is my dog. She is a two year old Chocolate Lab… That may never calm down.
Has anyone ever told you that??
“Oh Labs, they’ll calm down when they’re about 2.”
I don’t think this dog has the ability to calm down, no matter her age! But that’s what I love about her. She’s got kiddos to keep up with and there are more coming down the line! She’s going to need all the energy she can muster.
Our Ziva… Or Ziva McKiva or Ziva Las Vegas 
as my husband likes to call her.
Last weekend we went on a LONG walk. Near our house is Riverside State Park. It is huge, and down by the Spokane River there is a very nice walking trail. Holds great memories for us.
Being alone on the trail, I let Ziva off her leash. She is a very good dog and has never run off. In fact, she seems afraid to let us out of her sight. She’ll run about 50 yards ahead of us on the trail – stop – turn around and make sure we are still following her. This goes on for the entire walk, every time we go.
 So as we walked, on this particular occasion, my husband says to me, “Watch this, it’ll be funny.”
Ziva runs ahead of us, Zach grabs my arm and pulls me behind a tree! I can see her…. she runs within her normal range, stops… and FREAKS OUT! I have never seen her act this way. Her head was bobbing back and forth like she was watching a gruelling tennis match.  It’s like she is talking to herself, “Did they pass me? Did they leave me? Where’d they go? Where’d they go?” (You’ve gotta say it fast like Lab)
Then, she takes off toward the car… RUNNING at FULL SPEED!!! Poor thing… scared her to death. So I jumped from behind the tree just as she was passing us – That poor dog flew into the air! She seriously jumped about 4 feet up she was so startled… or maybe she was just so excited we weren’t lost. She was so excited to see us. And even though I felt really bad for freaking her out, I could not stop laughing.
She stayed a little closer from then on.

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    April 8, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Ziva Las Vegas I love it!! She’s beautiful!

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