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Zoie Turns 3 in a Cowgirl Kind of Way

Most days I wake up and can hardly believe what day it is. 
Do ya’ll ever have days, weeks, or even years like that? 
Last Saturday, November 8, I woke up and my baby was 3!
Three years just flew by like it was nothing.
 Seems like we just welcomed her to the world. 
It’s been 3 YEARS! 
Our little Cowgirl is pretty much obsessed with all things horses.
So we had a Cowgirl Party!
I chose to go the traditional cowgirl/boy color route.
I just like it better than pink. It’s a personal preference.  
I got the idea for this super simple banner from The Foley Fam.
I think it turned out great!
Since the weather was forecasted to be a bit chilly, I had a hot chocolate bar set up in my garage and fire barrel in the driveway. The hot chocolate was a hit.
We had BBQ from Dickey’s Barbeque Pit here in Spokane. Their pulled pork was delicious and the mac n’ cheese was a huge hit with the kiddos.
The ponies showed up as soon as the sun was breaking through what had been a cold and foggy morning. Perfect Timing!
We had a pinata and cake and I think all the kiddos had a great time.
I know that I did!
Here’s a few more pics to round things off.
I know it’s a lot, but I just can’t help myself. 
“Howdy Partner!”

Maci was cold. She looked like the perfect Outlaw Cowgirl!

Zoie and her trusty stead, Smokey.

“Lots of Tootsies Mama!”

Cookies ~ Cake ~ Cupcakes ~ Candy
I may have gone a little overboard. There were a lot of leftovers. 
In fact… I had a cookie for breakfast this morning.
(Shhhh… It’s our secret!)

It only took me a month or two to plan and put everything together. 
Wish I would have taken more pics of the kids playing.
Hind-sight and all that Jazz.
Next time 🙂
Time to start planning for next year!

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