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Zoie’s Nursery

It’s all starting to come together. All except the closet.
My mom and I worked to move Ryleigh to the basement. We then completely cleaned out Ryleigh’s upstairs room to make it ready for baby.

Then it was time to get the room ready for baby Zoie.

It only took us about an hour, but we finally got the dresser put together. I don’t understand why furniture comes in a dozen pieces and then all they give you to put it together is a allen wrench. Allen wrenches are horrible. But we got it done. Isn’t it cute?!?

Zach helped me put the crib together. Of course the crib didn’t come in quite so many pieces and he was much faster at assembling it than we were. But it turned out pretty cute as well.

Then we have this!

You see this mess?  I know it looks horrible. And this is only half of it. There is another big pile in my bedroom. I have Zach and my Dad adding shelves to the closet for me so we have some storage areas. So excited to get that done. I’ll show you all the finished product when I can.

Until then, I just sit in here and go through stuff, it’s so much fun to look at 🙂

We’ll have better pictures of the entire room … once I get it all done. It’s still a work in progress. Tomorrow I have a trip to Hobby Lobby planned.

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